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Dating Advice from: Johnny [OKCupid Hunk (no homo)]

** Names have been changed to protect the attractive. Sorry, Ladies only single bachelor here is moi (that’s french for me… no dummies please) **
October 23, 2011
U need to revamp your profile- you never ever let girls know you're desperate
October 24, 2011
Nash D:
Thank you so much. I have a confession to make. I feel bad lying about my back acne much less lying about my obvious desperation. maybe i'm just a lost cause. a boy among the reeds. a dreamer in a world filled of sinners. no help for me. loneliness is my companion.
If you wanna pay me I can get you out of this. But you're gonna have to trust me and you're lifes gonna change drastically for the better
Nash D:
I don't know. I mean I know you're a handsome guy with mad skills. But I wonder if it's too late. I wonder if I'll ever have my penis inside of a lady that I didn't have to pay. I fret over this, and yet I know the truth. I'm just a man with cash, brains and yet no love in my life. I like cats. Sincerely, Nash D.
October 26, 2011
sounds like you've got psychological problems buddy

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